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About Yalta


The inhabitants of the Crimea in the course of saying « … in Yalta ». In these three words laid more negative meaning: dirty sea, crowded beaches, hamovatye traders and biting rates. In short, as in Yalta. But, strange to say, holidaymakers visiting the city such fame does not frighten. Like 100 years ago, when she had already enjoyed the reputation of « Russian Riviera » ;, Yalta today holds the first place in the list of the most popular resorts in the Crimea. Anyone who has ever been on the southern coast of Crimea say, the entire peninsula is no longer to find a place with such a concentration of tourist attractions to suit every taste and color. Lovers of architecture admired some local Vorontsov Palace and Swallow's Nest. Indifferent to natural beauties inspire « nominal » Simeiz rock and breathtaking view from the top of Ai-Petri. Ordinary swingers content with simple pleasures, which are full of wine cellars of Massandra and fish restaurants with red mullet in a frying pan and a view of the sea ..



Where is?






Zoo « Tale »


In the zoo you can not only see rare exotic wildlife of our planet, but also to get to know them, because we have visitors   allowed to feed the animals. But only special food that you can buy at the entrance to the zoo. All our dogs are unique and unrepeatable, each one has its own character and habits. If you have patience and tact (after all, you have a guest), you probably will be able to see something interesting and learn a lot about the life of animals.


On the « Grandma's courtyard » kids can communicate with its four-legged inhabitants in the immediate vicinity. And for large cozy cafe with a wonderful view of the mountains.

In the zoo you can get fun and zoosuveniry cards   to   image   our   inhabitants,   and   also photographed with the « baleen and striped » kids.

Nikita Botanical Gardens

About 20 minutes by bus from the city center and – hello paradise! Shady tents, caves, ponds with goldfish, bamboo thickets and a million, million scarlet and red roses. The garden is always something so fragrant, natural exposure varies from season to season. In spite of the wildly popular among the tourists, the garden area allows you to find a secluded trail and wander in the coolness and solitude.

From Yalta Central Market bus №34 go to the park and 45. Your stop - " Lower Colonnade " Then follow the signs 70 m down to the sea.

Club " Captain "

The most positive club Crimea.

Residents of the club - Disco Stars 80-90-2000's.
Disco 90s, karaoke with the stars, the best location near the sea, parking for guests of our club and everything for your best vacation in the Crimea!

Cafe-bar "Dandy"

Bar with a British title (not quite suitable to his "Soviet" liking) and a magnificent view of the bay of Simeiz. Well located near the bus station: it is equally useful for both new arrivals and departing travelers. It is necessary to overcome the dislike of the strange sign and a dark bar right at the entrance and head straight to the open summer terrace. There are glazed, but there are sadder. Then the plan is this: forget about the food and service (unless you're an apologist for Soviet-kitchen mayonnaise), order a glass of port or Madeira wine, sit back and enjoy the sunset, hovering over the sea.

Restaurant Frolov

Karaoke-hall restaurant FROLOV - this is the place where you can appreciate the high professional sound equipment, and comfortable, welcoming and friendly staff, as well as the place where to show their vocal skills.

Livadia Palace

Livadia Palace - one of the symbols of the Crimea, along with the Swallow's Nest and Mount Ai-Petri. By the way, to the present day from the whole of the former imperial residence came only White Palace where the famous Yalta conference was held in 1945.

Once on the site of the palace was the manor of the Polish magnate Leo Potocki, where at the end of the XIX century royal residence built in the style of an Italian palazzo. After the revolution, for the complex fell on hard times. The palace was looted, and later it was equipped with the world's first sanatorium for peasants, and later a major climatic medical industrial complex. During World War II, part of the complex was destroyed.

Museum Livadia Palace became only in 1993. Now there is a permanent exhibition devoted to the life of the royal family and famous politicians who have been to these places.

Near the palace is a luxurious park, pebble beach and passes the famous Imperial (Solar) trail, on which once walked the Emperor Nicholas II. Its length is 7 kilometers.

Vorontsov Palace

Vorontsov Palace was built according to new architectural and construction principles. An important architectural feature was the location of the palace respectively relief mountains, making the palace very blend in with the surrounding landscape and found his original artistic and expressive image.

The palace was built in the spirit of English architecture, and in the building there are elements of different eras, starting with early forms and ending XVI century. Arrangement of elements comes from the western gate - the farther from the gate, the later style of construction.

English style combine with Moorish Revival architecture. For example, the Gothic chimneys resemble minarets mosque. The south entrance is decorated with Oriental splendor. Horseshoe arch, two-story arch, carved on plaster in a niche where interwoven pattern of Tudor flower and lotus motif, completed by repeated six times frieze Arabic inscription: "And there is no winner but Allah."






Апарт-отель Ялта


Вилла Елена

Villa Elena



Вилла София

Villa Sofia



Гостевой дом Ялта Прима


Гостиничный Комплекс…


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