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About Sudak

The Resort Sudak is situated in the middle part of the southeastern coast of the Crimean Peninsula, in a spacious valley, surrounded on all sides by mountains. Thanks to the excellent climate and natural conditions for recreation, as well as sparing price policy of the local tourist industry, to the pike every year come hundreds of thousands of visitors from around the former Soviet Union.

Pike is one of the oldest cities in Europe, according to some sources it was founded in the third century, so here you can find a lot of historical sites. The main sights are the ruins of the Genoese fortress, which was built approximately in the 11th century – a monument of medieval architecture of world importance. Among other attractions we should highlight Musk Mosque-Jami, the Tower the Choban-sack, Cave monastery, Consular castle, in the courtyard which remains of unique frescoes and a number of resort buildings of the nineteenth century.

Where is?


Genoese fortress

It is Impossible to say and about this sights of the Pike. A photo with a description of the fortress will be in any guidebook, and for good reason – it really is a gem of the region. This was once a massive fortification that was considered by the enemy impregnable. Genoese fortress protected mountain slopes, and once it was surrounded by a moat, dug by the people. On the building there are several legends. There is a myth that the castle was created in the year 212, but this is unlikely. Awful idea, that built it by the end of the seventh century, the Byzantines. The main part of the walls, preserved to our days, created by the Genoese, who worked here from the late fourteenth century to the middle of the fifteenth. For everyone who is experiencing the awe of the ancient buildings, this is a very interesting place. It is because it is necessary to add to their plans to travel Sudak, Crimea. Sightseeing of the fortress – the main gate, the twelve towers, a warehouse, barracks and temples - each will win, despite the fact that the traces of time visible here, too, and not all managed to keep intact.

The water Park in Sudak

The water Park in Sudak is one of the best in the Crimea. There are a large variety of entertainment from children - for the little ones and grown-up kids to the adults. In addition to slides and pools, there are plenty of other attractions: Jacuzzi, bars, pools, disco and more. In the Park you can spend the whole day. It opens at 10am and closes at 19.


Quad Biking

Quad Biking in Sudak is a great way to explore the scenic surroundings of Sudak for those who don't like long walks or horseback riding. The ATV is easy to drive, maneuverable, reasonably fast and relatively safe mode of transport. Such a small vehicle-convertible.


Horseback riding

In Sudak and the surrounding area there are several horse-drawn bases, which offer horseback riding on mountain and forest trails. In addition, a good horse-riding the hotel "Sosnovy Bor", there is everything for horse riding: the sport well-groomed horses, harness, and other equipment. In addition to horse riding, guests can relax in the sauna, and if you want to repeat the procedure, you can clear the room.


In Sudak there is only one bowling club – "New City" - it is located on Cypress Avenue. The club is open all year round, it periodically holds tournaments at various levels. The club is equipped with modern system "Brunswiсk" with six lanes, the last word in the world of bowling.


Billiards in Sudak love, and in the city you can find a lot of not just places to play and good places with quality tables and equipment. In 2011 alone, the city hosted two big Billiards tournament is one among Amateurs, the other – the European championship among young men. Pool is in the hotels and in clubs and in cafes and bars.

Boat trips

Summer in Sudak offer tourists a large number of different cruises with tours and without. First and foremost, demand for Hiking in the surrounding area in a New Light (usually with a dip in the Royal Bay) to the Cape of Meganom, Bay Kapsel. More long walks in the direction Feodosiya or to the side of Alushta and Yalta (South coast). Several boats have disco.


Perch – one of the best places in Crimea for snorkeling and diving. In the city and in some villages, for example in the New world, there are several diving bases where you can rent equipment and use services of instructors. In these bays you can find quite a variety of locations: in some it is interesting to observe underwater life, others to explore the wrecks – the consequences of the shipwreck, in the third-to walk the hallways of the underwater rocks.