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On Simeiz


Cimeiz - holiday village on the southern coast of Crimea, in 18 km from Yalta. Resort Simeiz paspolozhen in a picturesque location at the foot of the mountain cat. Simeiz unique geographical location and healing climate. Simeiz Katsiveli, Alupka, Mishor, Yalta included in the subtropical climate zone and are the most warm and gracious places the South Coast. The number of hours of sunshine in Simeiz on average in the year 2296. Rainfall and fog in winter Simeize less than in neighboring Alupka and Mishor. The annual precipitation of 660 mm in Simeiz. Days with quiet weather in Simeiz 136, and only 70 in Yalta especially well in Simeiz fall. Simeiz - a great place to spend an unforgettable vacation on the Black Sea coast at any time of the year. Arriving in Simeiz in the off-season, you can see the sights of the Crimea, to improve their health, much really save your money.



Where is?






Park Simeiza



The main attraction of this landscape park - fresh air, which mixed the flavors of the sea and 200 species of plants, including the cypresses and pines. Here lies the juniper grove. The reserve area - 19 hectares.


Alley Apollo


This cypress avenue decorate not only trees, but also many white statue "Apollo", after which the mall and got its name. Laid She was still in the middle of the last century, in addition to the "sculptural" men are a lot of fountains. From here you can admire the mountain cat.


Villas "Xenia" and "Dream"


Sovetskaya Street, located in the center of Simeiz, completely built up villas of the early 20th century. In this part of town you feel in Europe with cobbled narrow streets and stone buildings. Architect villa modern look east "Dream" is unknown, and it was constructed for the Polish banker who left her after the revolution. At one time there was located a hospital building, for which it was reconstructed. On today's interior of the villa is not known. Villa "Xenia" constructed in 1911, designed by architect Krasnov. Local argue that it would stop Count Tolstoy himself.

Juma Mosque - Jami

Mosque began to build in 1913, but after the revolution, unfinished building was used for various household needs. In 1922 they destroyed the minaret, but mainly the construction at different times housed a kindergarten, a holiday home and the police. Once again, in the hands of the believers mosque passed in 1994. However, to revive the Islamic shrine was only in 2010.

Aquapark Blue Bay

In this water park, you can enjoy plenty of water attractions, swimming in clean sea water of the Blue Lagoon. The most daring slides is to ride with "Serpentine", "Kamikaze" and "Tsunami". There are six pools, one of which wave, family and children's rides, a cafe, play park for the little ones and beach volleyball and table tennis. In addition, there is a zone for relaxation, in the territory of which are small bungalows.


The club sports and recreation center "Diva" and Diving club "Garbi"


Clubs rent out jet skis and catamarans, they can enjoy riding on a banana or a tablet. The diving club is a necessary dive equipment and experienced instructors.







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