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About Sevastopol


Sevastopol is a city on the black sea coast of the Crimean Peninsula. Founded Sevastopol was Russian Empress Catherine II in 1783, as a fortress and later a port. Today, Sebastopol is the largest ice-free sea trade, fishing port, industrial, scientific, technical, recreational, cultural and historical center of Crimea. In antiquity on the territory, which is part of the modern Sebastopol, was a Greek colony of Chersonesos, founded by immigrants from Heraclea Pontica in the V century BC; later it was part of the Roman and Byzantine empires.


Where is?






Naval Museum complex Balaklava | Object 825 GTS


Underground submarine base in Balaklava, better known as "Object 825 GTS" — a top-secret military facility during the cold war in the Balaklava Bay. GTS — City Telephone Station — the name of the object to the conspiracy. It was built in 1957 — 1961. Currently, it is the largest of all declassified military facilities. The entire underground complex with a strong locking system and life support is perhaps the world's only historical monument of engineering art during the cold war. For over 30 years (1960 to 1990), none of the locals did not even know about the existence of secret tunnels.

Combined underground channel of the plant allowed to enter under a mountain from 7 – 9 submarines (depending on draft of boat). Channel length reaches 600 meters to 22 meters, depth – up to 8.5 meters. The channel that held the boat to the repair part, pervades the whole mountain through, and the output of the channel is opposite the exit from Balaklava Bay. At the exit of the channel there is also a bridge of a different design — made of reinforced concrete stacked slabs with the crane was put on top of each other and close the exit channel. In March 1995, with the Balaklava Bay was bred the last submarine, naval submarine base ceased to exist.


Massandra Palace


the Massandra Palace — one of the main attractions of the Crimea, one of the most interesting monuments in the region. Massandra Palace is smaller in size than the nearby Livadia and Vorontsov palaces, but he did not yield to them in elegance and historical value, in some ways it is even more comfortable and pleasing to the eye and soul. Massandra Palace is located in the same village Massandra, three kilometers from the center of Yalta. You can get here independently, for example, by car, taxi or bus, all before the Palace should walk through shady forest road.

a Visit to the interior of the Palace is paid, on site office, You buy tickets and then the tour guide will lead You through the Palace and tell about its history. All sightseeing points on the South coast you can buy a tour to Massandra Palace, which will give You detailed information about this historical site and its owners.


35th coastal battery


the fortification of Sevastopol, which is now a Museum. I believe that in this place everyone should visit.

What's interesting:
- wander through the underground tunnels of a military base
- marvel at the incredible size of guns of the time
- look at military vehicles
- to honor the memory of tens of thousands of dead soldiers.


Panorama of the city


No, it's not a skyscraper, from which you can see the whole city from the height at a glance. This Museum, which houses the extensive panorama of military action in Sevastopol.

What's interesting:
to see a detailed picture of hostilities
- take a stroll around the beautiful Park near the Museum
to look at the simulation of protective structures.



the Sevastopol Dolphinarium in artillery Bay. The performances take place daily (only open in summer, in winter moving to the main pool in the Bay Cossack), during which dolphins and sea lions perform various tricks. If You want to see dolphins or seals, then You certainly need to come to the Dolphinarium.

According to the scientific claims contact with marine animals not only give a man positive emotions, but also produce a healing effect. According to some scholars, the acoustic signals of dolphins stimulate the human hormones-endorphins, the so-called "hormones of happiness", which improve the psycho-emotional state, the activity of the autonomic nervous system, increase overall vitality.

the Sevastopol Dolphinarium will give You a bunch of positive emotions, great mood and a sea of smiles! You will definitely want to come back to us! After the submission of all wishing for an additional fee can be photographed with your favorite marine animals and swim in the pool with the dolphins.


Ice rink


Ice skating rink, shopping center "monsoon" the largest in the Crimea, with an area of 1700 square meters! Natural ice!

During public skating is the duty of the instructors, ready to help those who began skating for the first time. At our rink there is a special equipment for children and adults, which give the opportunity to skate, even those who have never stood on skates.

in Addition to the use of the ice arena under public skating, the rink also is the training base for the partitions of figure skating and hockey. Classes are held in different age groups. And also used for ice hockey matches among the teams the fans and figure skating.

And also used for ice hockey matches among the teams the fans and figure skating.


Water Park "Zurbagan"


Summer Sevastopol water Park "Zurbagan" is located near the sea in a picturesque part of Sevastopol – in Victory Park. In the Park anyone can enjoy and get a portion of adrenaline on numerous rides.

Fountain height up to 15 meters, whirlpool, waterfalls, shower of different modifications, located on the perimeter - all this complements the Central pool 30 meters in diameter The pools are filled with fresh water, which runs a complex system of purification through modern powerful specialized production systems in Italy and Germany. Under the shadow of the cozy "tents" are a café for adults and children with a menu for every taste.


Football in the balls "Bamperbol"


Bamperbol is a football in the balls – insanely addictive attraction that guarantees a sea of laughter and good spirits.

For the game requires two teams, which are composed of an equal number of participants. The optimal composition of teams – 3-5 people. The rules provide two playing halves. Time commands can be set independently, but as a rule, with each half lasting 5 to 15 minutes, otherwise the players will just get tired of running in bamperbol. The aim of the game is to try to hit the opponent in the allotted playing time. The winner is the team that scores greater number of goals. The main difference from regular football, is that bamperbol can and should be foul. It is allowed to throw the opponent to the ground. Doesn't hurt at all! Shock cushion protects against unpleasant sensations due to the presence of the airspace. So football bamperbol absolutely safe. The rules allow: to push the opponent to the ground, not to let him back on the field, as well as doing a somersault or stand on her head. So sometimes this competition was more like sumo wrestling than football match.

There are other uses of bamperbol:
1. You can also arrange a massive battle. To do this, participants were also distributed into two groups, and then go wall to wall;
2. There is also the option of carrying out of games. The goal is to overwhelm the opponent to the ground or push him abroad a makeshift ring.
Sea of laughter and merriment guaranteed to both participants and spectators. Because not only to play but to watch a cool battle of bumperblast very exciting.





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