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Very soon, at the end of 2018, the Crimea will be connected by a bridge to the mainland of Russia, which is now called; construction of the century. In the meantime, there is a building in the Crimea can be reached by plane or ferry. Travel by ferry is available (150 rubles per person and 1,700 for a standard car) and fun – because you can not only feed the seagulls that catch the bread in the air, but also to introduce ourselves sea travelers, however briefly – while the ferry in the way – 30 minutes, not counting the time for loading unloading vehicles.

Staff ferry did a great job to make your trip to the Crimea and back was as quick and comfortable as possible. If you observe some simple rules and follow the instructions   statements, & nbsp; then the travel time will be minimal.

So, in order to take a ferry on the machine, it is better to buy a ticket in advance. To make the it can here . You will need to simply specify the direction, type of vehicle, number of passengers, date and approximate time (6 hour period)  .; If you do not know what time you are on the ferry, not a problem – Tickets will be valid for 24 hours from the end of the selected time period. &Nbsp; If you can not buy a ticket in advance, or have decided to travel unexpectedly (! And go to the Crimea), you always have the opportunity to buy a ticket right at the ferry. On the territory of the areas Crimea-2 (Kerch) and the Caucasus-3 (on the spit Chushka) provides a comfortable environment for drivers and passengers crossing the Strait of Kerch: ticket offices, cafes, showers, toilets, waiting room

Talon electronic queue you get before entering the store. Then when it's all, you are bringing the passengers operator ferry boarding pass and documents, and then by car take your seat in the front row and at the place stated in the ticket. If all the rules,   loading and unloading of the ferry from the ferry going to happen as quickly as possible. On other issues, you can see here .

Let this little voyage will be another exciting moment of your holiday in the Crimea!

We wish you a pleasant journey on ferries crossing Kerch!