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About Foros


The westernmost resort on the southern coast of Crimea - Foros. Around the fortieth kilometer route from Yalta, at the bottom - in front of you lies Foros. It seems at hand, but have a few minutes to take a ride on a winding mountain road. Down there, you are waiting for a real paradise with a truly "paradise." - One of the best Crimean parks everywhere in the park artfully placed fountains, swimming pools, balustrades, pergolas, groves of exotic plants Chaepromyshlenik boasted that cost him a corner in a number of hundred-ruble banknotes. whose abundance would be enough to strewn the whole garden. in 1916, almost all summer in Foros held Chaliapin and Gorky. in memory of their meeting in the building where they were staying, in 1974, a memorial plaque with a bronze bas-reliefs. in the beginning thirties the Soviet government gave the cottage in Tesseli Gorky, where he worked on his greatest novel. Now go back to the days of today. Foros is one of the most elite settlements of the Crimea, a favorite place of creative intelligentsia, here is the number of state residences, including . Ukrainian President Coming to rest in Foros, you will always find what to do: a walk in the park area of ​​70 ha laid down in the first half of the XIX century, the palace examination Kuznetsova, visit Foros church. Whether you love a beach holiday or a saturated excursion program, Foros will not leave you indifferent. On the one hand the hero-city of Sevastopol, on the other - the Big Yalta with its magnificent palaces. Find the best accommodation for your holiday in Foros is possible in hotels, guest houses, cottages with a cozy patio. Advantageously for this holiday is also a rent of the private sector in Foros, where you can create a familiar atmosphere of home comfort.



Where is?






Baydar gate



Baydar gates appeared in 1848 as a symbol of the completion of construction of a new path, the road Sevastopol - Yalta. It paves the way for the personal initiative of Count Mikhail Semenovich Vorontsov, governor-general of the Novorossiysk Territory about 10 years. Now this road is not the primary, according it go only to admire the antique portico Baydar gates and a picturesque view from the height of the Foros church and strip shore.

Modern highway between Sevastopol and Yalta laid much lower through Laspinsky pass. If you go on a new road, you should spend some time on the specific site on a powerful rock - stunning views. From a platform the grandiose kind on bays Laspi and Batiliman, cape Aya. Scala is decorated with a bas-relief of the writer Nikolai Garin-Mikhailovsky and wears his own name (by the way, Nikolai G. was also a very talented engineer-railwaymen, and just right for modern routes are Yalta - a very useful calculations and his achievements).

To be more precise, the Baydar Gate Pass is situated between the mountain Chu-Bair (705 meters) to the east and Celebi (657 m) to the west. The height of the pass - more than 500 meters above sea level.

Baydar gates designed by Charles Aeschlimann. He chose the image of a massive cornice with a complex and semi-columns and embodied it in the Inkerman stone. Near c Baydarskaya gates 20-30-xx XX century housed two hotels as well as a pavilion, a restaurant and a post office. In the early days of the Great Patriotic War Pass Baydar gate was of great strategic importance in the plans of the Nazi invaders. The aim of "Kastropol" landing was an explosion Bajdarsky gate as the only possible way to Sevastopol. Plans for the landing were disrupted due to detention of the traitor-conductor.


Church of the Resurrection


Church of the Resurrection of Christ - the church of the village of Foros, built in 1892 on a steep cliff - Red Rock. building height above sea level is 400 meters. Monument of Russian architecture of the XIX century. Simferopol diocese of the UOC Moscow Patriarchate.

The church was built at the expense of the owner of the estate Foros AG chaepromyshlennika Kuznetsova, the project of Academician NM Chagin in memory of "miraculous escape" Emperor Alexander III and his families at train crash October 17, 1888 at station Borki Kursk-Kharkov railway. October 4, 1892 the church was consecrated by Bishop Tauride Martinian to the glory of the Resurrection. In the service was attended by the chief procurator of the Holy Synod KP Pobedonostsev. And six years later, on the tenth anniversary of the deliverance of Tsar Alexander III from the death of the church visited the Emperor Nicholas II and Empress Alexandra Feodorovna. In 1924 the church by the decision of the Soviet authorities has been closed, crosses are dumped, painted murals, and its abbot was exiled to Siberia. Until 1969 the church was a snack bar for the tourists, and until 1992 was in a derelict state. In 1992, it was restored under the supervision of Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma.

The church was built in the Byzantine style of the temple, with the system of internal pillars - pillars and using multiple domes on the type of Russian wooden churches. His silhouette of the church resembles the Moscow Church of the end of the XVIII century. Mosaic work performed famous Italian master Antonio Salviati, and the interior painted famous artists AK Korzukhina, VE Makovsky and academician NE Sverchkov. Above the church the old South Coast Highway leaves to Sevastopol through the Baydar Gate. From them the best view of the church, as if hovering over the South shore. And the new highway very convenient and picturesque goes at the foot of the rocks beneath the church. Anyhow, the church became one of the symbols of the Southern coast.


Foros park


The most remarkable place in the park - Paradise - "Paradise" with a beautiful location on different levels well arranged six artificial lakes, a single stage which is framed by century-old cypresses, yews, cedars, Judas-tree. One of the main resources is Foros Foros park. Foros park was founded in the first half of the XIX century. Here, in an area of ​​70 hectares grow over 200 species of trees and shrubs, most of which are exotic. This landscaped park grow sequoia, giant dendron, Aleppo pine, Italian, seaside, Sabinov, fir Greek, Spanish, nimidiyskaya, Caucasian, Atlas cedar, Himalayan, Lebanese, Arizona cypress, macrocarpa, palm, magnolia, sycamore and other breeds.

Foros park. Paradise.

In 1887, "tea king" here Kuznetsov bought 254 acres of land, on which even G. Potemkin tried to acclimate the seedlings brought from the Mediterranean cedars, laurels, pines, cypresses and OE park was redesigned again with the participation of well-known landscape painter Professor Yu YU. Clover. Plants were kept natural south coastal woods and added an exotic, subtropical, perfectly merged with the natives together.

Foros park. "Running to the sea" pine.


When asked how much this cost the Garden of Eden, Kuznetsov said, "In as much, how many will develop the sum of all storublёvyh credit if they are covered with the surface of the garden." And it is at the end of the XIX century.


Foros park. Pond in Paradise.


Camoe remarkable place in the park - Paradise - "Paradise" with a beautiful location on different levels well arranged six artificial lakes, a single stage which is framed by century-old cypresses, yews, Judas-tree, cedar. They are interconnected by channels in a single stage, which, combined with its unique vegetation gives this corner of unique originality.