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Accommodation in Alupka


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About Alupka


The first mention of the town belongs to the year 960 (time Khazar domination in the Crimea). The settlement called "Alubika". In XIV-XV centuries in Alupka was a stronghold of the Genoese called Lyupiko (foxhole (fr.)). In the years 1475-1774 was Alupka Bailiwick of Ottoman sultans. After the annexation of Crimea to Russia in 1783 Alupka belonged to Prince Grigory Potemkin, since 1823 became the property of Mikhail Vorontsov, who built a palace and a church and a mosque.



Where is?






Vorontsov Palace in Alupka



Many of its myopia obliged beauty of Crimea Khan Shahin Giray. This Crimean ruler voluntarily renounced his throne in the vain hope of the Persian throne. Since the Crimean peninsula of unsafe neighbor conflict turned into a part of the Russian Empire. Russian know quickly chosen by gracious southern coast, and aristocrats went to the Crimea to create a vineyard, build palaces and to build parks. Vorontsov Palace in Alupka - one of the most striking sights of the peninsula. This palace-movie star. If you look at the facade and spacious rooms have a feeling of deja vu, it means that you have carefully watched "The Three Musketeers", "Ordinary Miracle" and "Scarlet Sails". This is not all the films that had to withdraw and Alupka palace, but one of the most memorable. The palace was built as a summer residence of a prominent public figure and a brave soldier Count Vorontsov. In the courtyard stood a 19th century era, which completely rules of English Romanticism. The most fashionable poet Byron was, and the best teachers - English governess. Count Vorontsov was a man of advanced and educated his residence attached great importance, and because the palace in Alupka not entrusted to domestic architects and eminent English architect Edward Blore.


Vorontsov park



The Grand Park, lying in front, Vorontsov Palace is called differently: Alupka, or - as the Palace - Vorontsov. Park - a true work of art. Above it bothered a lot of painters, sculptors, and, of course, gardeners. It was created in the 19th century and is an organic continuation of the palace. Vorontsov Park in Alupka surprised two kinds of miracles: man-made and not man-made. The former include the composition of the park, sculptures, fountains and lakes. To the second - a huge diversity of plants that are in full bloom and green.


Mount Phillips


The name of the mountain Cross Krestovka or received in the XIX century, after a visit in 1837 by the Russian Empress Alexandra Feodorovna, who accompanied Count Vorontsov has installed a wooden cross on the hill. The metal cross, which replaced a wooden, on the southern cape can be seen today. Who established the unknown, but it appeared relatively recently. In Soviet times the cross was not. In terms of geology, Cross Mountain is a typical erratic, has broken away from the main ridge of Crimean mountains. This is evidenced by the stone chaos in the surrounding mountain pine forest - huge blocks of diorite rocks, in picturesque disorder scattered nature.

Temple of Archangel Michael

Church of Archangel Michael in Alupka - one of the largest religious buildings in the Crimea, at the same time is able to accommodate up to 900 people. Its construction lasted for 5 years, from 1903 to 1908. The church was erected on the site of the destroyed church, which was built by Count Vorontsov. Architect designed Chrysanth Vasilyev five-domed cross-domed church in the traditional Russian-Byzantine style; the originality of the building gave the local building materials - Inkerman Kerch and stone. Construction was carried out on the donators funds, the main contribution in this made-Flegontova Vyalykh Sophia and Nicholas II. The temple, which has become a real gem of a beautiful iconostasis was consecrated on the day of patron saint of the temple, November 8, 1908. In the course of massive withdrawal of church values, conducted in the 1920s. Bolsheviks, among other places of worship and the church suffered Alupki. Temple of Archangel Michael also visited the special commission confiscated in 1922, more than 300 religious objects, including icons and objects made of precious metals.

Temple of Alexander Nevsky


Alexander Nevsky Church was founded in 1913 and was part of the unique spiritual and recreational complex, which was built in Alupka on the draft NP Kozlov. The complex is a three-story building, third floor which held the five-domed church, and the first two were used as a climatic health resort for Russian teachers of parish schools. The building was built in just one year, with the money of donors, among whom was the royal family. Colonia, officially called by the agency, had the name of the Emperor Alexander III of Russia, so the church was consecrated in honor of its patron saint, St. Alexander Nevsky. The ceremony of consecration of the church took place on September 22, 1913. Later, in 1916, the colony and the church visited Nicholas II and his family. In 1918, the colony ceased to exist, and 5 years later, in 1923, the church was closed by the decision of the authorities, and all her belongings were seized. During the war, the hospital was located in the building, in peacetime, functioned sanatorium. Dzerzhinsky.








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