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About Feodosia

The village of the black sea is a convenient place to stay in the Crimea. There's no big flow of tourists and traffic. Clean air, warm water, beautiful natural landscapes – everything you need for a relaxing holiday. The village is located in one of the most beautiful places in the Crimea – tarhankutsky Peninsula.

Where is?


Flying in a balloon


Who has not dreamed to climb into the sky and out to look at the earth, the sea and the mountains? The opportunity now exists in Crimea. Please ask in club free aeronauts "Theodosia". By agreement the club car takes future participants of the balloon flight from the city or from the surrounding areas. After the launch of a weather balloon to determine the wind direction and the starting point, within 20-30 minutes going and gets filled with hot air balloon. The flight itself lasts approximately an hour. During the balloon rises to the maximum permitted height, component from 600 to 1300 meters. From the landing site of the balloon passengers take the car, which then returns them to the city - with new experiences that will be remembered more than one month.

Club 117

Enter the territory of the complex under the open sky – you get to the beach. Right sand beach with mushrooms and sun loungers. Left – the chill-out zone and a bar next to the bar a small gazebo on stilts, an extraordinary thing there you can eat, drink, smoke Shisha, chatting, watching the sea. There's great day and night. A little further to the left – you get to the large dance floor. He made very unusual! Center area – high round the balcony, where dancing Topless charming girls. Along the rim - a large round bar, which caters to the visitors in all directions. Further towards the sea, in the form of concentric arcs diverge two rows of soft sofas, standing in pairs in front of low tables. And all this covered with a huge dome which is designed to protect guests from rain or sun. On the opposite side of the bar – is actually a dance floor and the dance floor – a DJ stand. The whole of the site will take any posetitelya has a lot of nice time. Wander inside and explore the club – very interesting.

Interior-design: Club 117 is a slice of India, a piece of Goa. Psychedelic pleurodesis in Oriental style adorns the entire space of the club. The interior is given great attention. Chill out all of Indian pillows, mats, flashlights and other things. The sofas on the large dance floor was made and purchased under the order. Chairs in the usual sense - there is nowhere at all. Only, Ottomans, chairs and sofas. The usual cheap furniture. All very harmonious. The sound of the surf, seagulls, a large canvas dome a breeze. It is possible to imagine, if only for once to visit there.


Genoese fortress

The Genoese built not one fortress in the Crimea, but Kafa in Feodosia was considered the most powerful in Europe after the Greek Fort in Thessaloniki. She had a double row of walls and the area of 70 thousand hectares. Built in the XIII century, and it quickly became a major commercial port city through which Asia and Europe was a caravan with carpets and brocades, with gold and spices. There were at least twenty thousand houses, singing fountains, ponds, gardens, shining domes of churches of different denominations and flourished the biggest slave market in the Black sea.

In our days, from grandiose buildings left wall, a bridge, several towers and churches, as well as Turkish baths. No one, especially not restored, so they managed to keep their original appearance. And yet it offers a wonderful sea panorama.


Museum of money

This is a Museum for those who not only appreciates a means of payment, but also interested in their history. In Feodosia the coins were minted since ancient times and local collectors have something to show.

It is not only Feodosia money, but the Golden Horde and the Turkish times, suzerainty, Khan Shahin Giray. But the basis of the exhibition is the numismatic collection of the first city head of Feodosia City of the Galleys, which in the period from 1811 to 1830 led the municipal Museum of Antiquities.

The Museum was expanded and very famous people. For example, Pope John Paul II sent the Euro coins of the Vatican. Here it is worth a look at rare coin "tetrobol", extant in a single copy.


The Aivazovsky art gallery

Here all romantics, lovers of the sea, fans of marine painters in General and the author of "the Ninth shaft" in particular. The gallery houses an impressive collection of nautical theme (about 12 thousand). Only one of the paintings by Ivan Aivazovsky, there are 114 pieces!

Actually, he started the gallery in 1880, has attached to his home, a small showroom for their work. The gallery will close all the gaps on the subject Aivazovsky, introducing his work, family history and the gallery. Incidentally, the latter recently gone through a renovation, shone with new colors and received the Grand Prix at the Republican contest "the Best museums of the Crimea".




Scarlet Sails


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On The Black Sea


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